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We're excited to host Imbibe in full effect this year!

After a few difficult years, we're exited to take the Tasting Event back to Abe & Jake's landing along with having a featured winery, samples of over 120 wines, and delectable samples some from of our city's best culinary experiences! Mark your calendars for April 13th for the Winemaker Dinner and  April 15th 1-4 pm for the Tasting Event!

IMBIBE is an event to benefit:


To date, the national organization now called Family Promise has established 180 affiliates in 42 states, using the services of more than 150,000 volunteers and 6000 congregations. They provide shelter, meals, and housing and job placement support to more than 49,000 homeless family members annually, 60 percent of them children. Witnessing firsthand the obstacles that low-income families face, Family Promise leaders and volunteers have been motivated to do more. Affiliates have seized the initiative to create additional community programs, such as housing renovation, job training, and healthcare programs. As a way of helping at-risk families avoid homelessness, Family Promise began training volunteers to advise and mentor families, helping them achieve and maintain self-sufficiency. To foster a greater understanding of the root causes of homelessness, Family Promise launched the Just Neighbors educational curriculum. And although 41 states and 150,000 volunteers now define the breadth and depth of the organization, Karen’s mandate remains in place…if you can strengthen one family you can strengthen a nation.



Helping homeless families with children achieve and maintain permanent housing

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